BMW R18 Anarchy

DIAMOND project was born from the transformation of a BMW R18 , created in collaboration with M.CAR.

This motorcycle made its debut in a prestigious competition, where it shone and triumphed thanks to its refined and distinctive design.

Every detail of the motorbike has been taken care of with extreme craftsmanship.

For instruments, components and accessories, we have focused on the superior quality and reliability of renowned brands including Brembo.

The MADE IN ITALY accessories by REUNION , the result of the creative genius of our Enzo , have been forged in high quality aluminum with numerical control manufacturing techniques.

These details stand majestically, enriching the project and giving it an aura of exclusivity and distinctive character.

The dedication and passion that animate our work were combined with an almost obsessive attention to detail, fundamental aspects that guided the realization of the project.

The result is a work that embodies timeless elegance and style without giving up boldness and creativity. REUNION , for us a true example and symbol of excellence in the world of two wheels.

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