BMW K1008v Optimus Prime

GOLD+ project, which comes to life from a BMW K100 8V , a masterpiece of design and engineering, created to clearly stand out in the motorcycle scene.

Every aspect of this motorbike has been expertly customized, resulting in significant structural changes that give the frame an unmistakable and innovative silhouette.

In choosing instruments, components and accessories, we relied on the quality and reliability of prestigious brands such as Ohlins, Brembo and Motogadget, true pillars of excellence in our sector.

The commitment and passion that distinguish our work have merged with an obsessive attention to detail, decisive elements that have allowed us to complete the project, embodying the elegance and unmistakable style that characterize REUNION.

For us, this motorbike is not just a means of transport, but a declaration of intent, a work of art on two wheels that embodies the philosophy and art of custom made.

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